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Hey, creative business owner, we see you.

All that cookie-cutter business advice and the traditional marketing tactics that "everybody" talks about just don't fit with your creative vision. Instead, you'd rather...

Grow your business with intention and community.

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Hey, creative business owner, we see you.

All that cookie-cutter business advice and the traditional marketing tactics that "everybody" talks about just don't fit with your creative vision. Instead, you'd rather...

Grow your business with intention and community.

You started your creative business because you want to share your work with others and make money doing something you really love.

Now, you're ready to take what you've started to the next level, but you still:

Have so many ideas you're not sure which one is the best next step for you.

Are overwhelmed by where to start. There are so many options...

Feel nervous about preserving your creativity while focusing on business growth

Get stuck in a churn of advice that doesn't quite fit your creative business model

Desire mentorship and community with other creative-driven business owners, like yourself

You're motivated to level up, but between maintaining your business and living your life, you just can't seem to make the plan needed to move ahead.


What if,

in less than three short days, you could:

  • Be coached by mentors who have built successful creative enterprises - out of their own homes (or backyard shed!)...
  • Combine some serious business planning with a relaxing getaway and fun with other creative women business owners...
  • Walk away from your brief retreat with a customized, action-driven plan to grow your creative business, a professional headshot, and the support of new lifelong friends?

Imagine how you'll feel knowing that you've mapped out your next steps under the guidance of creative entrepreneurs who have achieved the success you're seeking - all while having fun and meeting new biz besties.


If you want answers, to find a group of other like-minded Entrepreneurial women to lean on, learn from and share the highs and lows of business with - this is the place!

– Lesley McGinnis, Designer

This is an amazing experience not to be missed. The information is beyond excellent, the accommodations and food absolutely amazing, and the new friendships and contacts are incredible!

– Jane, Busy Bee Treasures


This was the business mentorship I’ve been missing after winging it, alone, in my business since 2011.

– Cindy, Cindy’s Custom Linens

That's right

We've found a better way to run our creative businesses, and now, we're driven to help other creative women, like you, reach your desired level of success.

We believe that open collaboration, transparency, and sharing our knowledge & experience are how we can most effectively serve you.


You are cordially invited
to join us at the next

P.I.N.K. Creatives Retreat

October 2-4, 2024

You’re cordially invited to join us at the


October 2-4, 2024

We can’t wait to add your story to our list of successful alumni!

Meet Your Hosts:


Wendy Conklin

Wendy Conklin is a former teacher and a Maker who leveraged social media and a keen aptitude for business to build her chair empire. Her unique style and "anyone can do it" approach to creativity helped scale her chair reupholstery business with online programming and highly engaged online communities, tripling her revenue in less than a year.

Sara mcDaniel

Sara McDaniel is an influential real estate investor and content creator who has integrated multiple talents into a lifestyle brand through social media sales, sponsorships, and partnerships. Her creative skillset and drive to succeed allowed her to retire from W2 employment at only 41 years old in order to build the life of her dreams.


These retreats hold a special place in our hearts. We’ve seen women transform their mindset around their earning potential, gain confidence in their creativity, and flourish as they pursue growing their creative businesses in a sustainable and fulfilling way. We can't wait to help you elevate your creative business!

– Wendy & Sara


Wendy and Sara are the real deal! The P.I.N.K. Creatives experience has equipped me with the knowledge I’ve needed to set my business on a trajectory of success and fulfillment.

– Chelle, Tabloozah

If you want to know the nitty gritty on how to make your creative business a success, this is where you need to be. Wendy and Sara broke down all their secrets to  their success and showed us the hustle behind the curtain. Spending the time with them, and all the other talented ladies at this retreat was transformative, I am so glad I went!

– Leisa, Girliebird & Co.


Wendy and Sara helped me refine who my audience is and my purpose in this space. They also taught me how to find other people similar to me and build relationships and connections.

– Maggie Merryday, Year Thirtyone

Our P.I.N.K. Creatives Retreat attendees have many different backgrounds, businesses, and goals.

So, no matter what you do, how long you’ve been building it, or how much time you spend in your business right now, you’ll find mentorship, growth, and community alongside other Creative Business Owners.

P.I.N.K. Creatives by the numbers…

How long owned business

Whatever you do or sell, we’ll help you figure out what’s your next best step forward!

Is your business full time

Whether you’re running the show full-time, building a business from scratch, or nurturing a side-hustle–all creative business owners who desire to grow their audience, revenue, and impact are welcome!

How do you describe your business

Our diverse attendees bring fresh perspective and vibrancy as well as established wisdom to our events. The best thing is that everything we teach can be implemented from exactly where you are in your business.

Our Alumni Run All Kinds of Businesses…

…if you’re building a creative business you’re in good company with us!

It’s your turn to join the ranks of our thriving P.I.N.K. Creatives Retreat Alumni


This amazing retreat helped me see the potential in myself and my business. This intimate setting gave me the tools, resources, and relationships to take it to the next level. Loved every minute!

– Kelly Radcliff, The Tattered Pew

* Launched a new paid offer after attending the retreat.

I loved the high-vibe energy of the retreat, connecting with the other women and the mentorship I received from Sara & Wendy.

– Lisa, Heaven Meets Earth Yoga

* Raised her prices and procured free items from vendors for her yoga retreat goodie bags.


There is not a business conference out there that not only provides guidance, instruction, and mentoring but also gifts you with a community of caring, intelligent, supportive cheerleaders for your endeavors.

– Sherri MacDonald, White Tiger Furniture + Design

* Rekindled her passion for writing and has written two children’s books since attending the retreat.

Wendy and Sara

Why our joint-venture is called the


When we started planning this event, we landed on the four values paramount to our success as creative entrepreneurs.



As creatives, we absolutely cannot dismiss the value of play in our daily lives; this is what keeps it all worth doing. We feel so strongly about this that it's the first value we named.



Our goal is to inspire you. Inspiration is what drives us to create, and it's contagious. So when you're inspired, you inspire others.



The magic really happens in all creative businesses when you truly lean into your niche; this is where traditional business models get it right, and we'll show you what this means for your creative business.



Foundational business knowledge is necessary to grow your creative enterprise; this includes understanding how to build and grow and knowing when to outsource or build a team.

P.I.N.K. Creatives is about achieving freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment with your creative business; we'll show you how.


There will be plenty of "a-ha" moments, laughter, and complete transparency about the challenges and rewards you can expect when growing your creative businesses.

During the P.I.N.K. Creatives Retreat

you'll discover
how to:

Run a profitable online business (so you have freedom and flexibility)

Become a lifestyle brand (making up your own rules for your brand)

Improve your social media presence with different social accounts and by taking better photos with your phone

Tune into your audience and establish your Niche to create countless offers that meet their needs every time

How to be your own stylist

You'll Also:

Understand how to incorporate "Play" into your schedule so you can keep your creative edge and abundance

Get full transparency from us about the financials of our businesses. We're the real deal, and we know that you can achieve this success too, but we can only help you get there if you know how we've made this work for us

Hear the raw and honest truth about building an online course or similar programming


We spill all of our very best secrets to business growth, sustainability, and balance in our high-vibe, value-packed sessions, including:

🌺 Money

We open our books to show you how much we've made.

🌺 Branding

We share how we've morphed into lifestyle brands.

🌺 Content Creation

How we've used social media to grow our audiences and make money.

🌺 Online Business

Because everything is online in some way.

🌺 Real Estate Investing

A way to enhance your long-term earning potential.

🌺 Publicity

How to make your own luck and get published.

🌺 Play

Our secret “weapon” to restore our creativity and keep burnout at bay.

And, because this is texas -

We’ve gone bigger, y’all:

  • You'll stay at the premier, luxe guest house, The Frenchie, in Round Top. This place is impressive - and Instagram-content-worthy. After all, this is a retreat for creatives, and some old corporate ballroom at the local chain hotel just won't do.
  • The southern hospitality here is boundless; your meals are covered for the duration of the retreat and prepared for our group via a private chef on-site at the Frenchie.
  • Each attendee will walk away with a professional headshot taken by Hector
  • In addition to our highly focused business growth work, you'll have time to socialize, explore the grounds, take a dip in the hot tub, or enjoy the firepit in the evenings.
  • We'll venture into Round Top together and explore the antique shops and boutiques that made this area famous.

The maximum capacity (including double room occupancy) for this retreat is only 24 people, so be sure to secure your spot as soon as possible.

We can't wait to host you at the next retreat!

October 2-4, 2024

in Round Top for our 5th, growth-driven, P.I.N.K. Creatives business retreat.

Are you ready to join us?


1-payment of



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9-monthly payments of


Meet a few of our distinguished alumni…


Lorie Fangio, teaching chef and Founder of award-winning food and lifestyle brand, A Taste of Paris™, didn’t quite know what to expect when she signed up for a fun-looking retreat about a four-hour drive from her home in McKinney, TX. She can only explain her leap as, “I saw it, and I immediately just knew I had to be there.”

It was the right choice, because she hit the ground running after attending her first P.I.N.K. Creatives Retreat in Round Top. “I was struck by how easy it was for Wendy and Sara, and I thought maybe it could be easier for me too. I got some ‘tough-love’ advice from Wendy that made me realize I needed to focus on profitability first. So I returned home determined and immediately raised the price of my culinary immersion group trips to France. It worked and I sold out my next three trips to my waitlists, without even having to further promote them. I was making a real profit!”

When P.I.N.K. Creatives 2.0 was announced, Lorie was among the first to sign up. This time, she arrived at the Villas at Spanish Court in Minden, LA prepared with very specific questions about her next steps. Since that retreat, she’s relaunched her website, dialed in her messaging, and refined her email marketing approach to lead her audience on a journey through her re-branded blog, Le Rapport, to her popular in-home French cooking classes to her culinary immersion group tours of France.


Working with Wendy and Sara gave me a greater sense of confidence in my business. I’m all alone here, building this brand by myself, so their mentorship, combined with the ongoing relationships I now have with the other retreat attendees, is invaluable and keeps me from spiraling when I stumble or need encouragement to overcome challenges.

Jenny Ellis

Jenny Ellis, Creator and Maker behind The Artful Chair, had been following Wendy as a peer in the reupholstered chair market for several years. Already growing her own chair business, complete with a local studio and showroom in Asheville, NC, Jenny wanted to scale her hands-on business with an online course similar to Wendy’s online offers. She attended her first P.I.N.K. Creatives Retreat ready to level up, and boy did she ever. “I was so inspired and motivated to get to work on this new opportunity!”

Since attending the retreat Jenny has expanded her outreach and collaborations as a guest on multiple podcasts and featured in Spark magazine. After trying on a couple of different social media contractors, she found the right team to help her connect and grow her audience. She hatched a plan to help fund the development of her course and applied for and won a scholarship that helped pay for the platform she uses to run her new online programming. And, the biggest achievement yet–writing and producing her very own online course. She leveraged AI for inspiration and learned to use a teleprompter to create professional-looking content, eventually selling over 40 classes in her first launch!


I learned that although people and ideas can inspire you, ultimately, you have to choose what works for your own business. It’s okay to be different and take your business level at a pace that fits your life. Sometimes things you did not expect, like a pandemic, or health setbacks, make you stop and evaluate what’s important. Goals are good, but one needs to be ready to shift gears when needed, and doing the work is what gets you ahead!

JeriLynne Clifford

JeriLynne Clifford relocated her life for her career in healthcare, only to see her position removed at the end of the pandemic. Unsure what to pursue in her next chapter, JeriLynne attended her first P.I.N.K. Creatives Retreat on a whim when a book club friend recommended she check out Sara’s blog and upcoming retreat. As soon as she landed on the retreat’s webpage, “Something in me just clicked, and I thought…I gotta go!” She signed up and never looked back! “I left there a different person, empowered to start the business I have now.”

Right before she left for the retreat, her Facebook and Instagram were hacked. She lost everything, including 2,000 followers she had built around some of her cooking and lifestyle posts. She really was starting from scratch. “I went into it knowing nothing, I had no clue what I wanted to do. But, the first thing they taught us was ‘niche, niche, niche.’ So, I decided right then and there that my new brand would be about hospitality, recipes, and food-centric travel. It was like the clouds had parted and from there, everything else fell into place.”

She went home and started pursuing any opportunity that aligned with her new brand, including leveraging an emerging platform called Substack. Soon, she was teaching cooking classes in her hometown, and then, when a cooking school in Europe was looking for online instructors, JeriLynne got the gig. Now, in less than two years, her flourishing brand, Hill Country Bon Vivant, continues to share JeriLynne’s elevated, intentional, and grateful way of living.

Additional Details and F.A.Q. About the P.I.N.K. Creatives Retreat

3 days of programming, double room occupancy for 2 nights, meals include: Wednesday, cocktails and dinner, Thursday: breakfast including coffee, lunch, dinners, snacks, Friday: breakfast ONLY.

We can't wait to host you at the next retreat!

October 2-4, 2024


1-payment of



6-monthly payments of



9-monthly payments of


P.I.N.K. Creatives
Grow your creative business with Play. Inspiration. Niche. Know-How.

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